Saturday, July 3, 2010

Designer Tricks for Small Spaces

Function with Flair

Stylish Seating Solution

Boho Chic

Fake It

I've had a love affair with small spaces my whole life.  Whether it was family meals at our kitchen table in the tiny farmhouse I lived in as a child or snuggling up with cousins around the fireplace at the cozy cabin my grandparents owned, I have such fond memories of small spaces.  Looking back I marvel at how the women in my family actually managed to create harmony and sweet memories with so many children underfoot!  As a designer I can now see the ingenuity of my mother and grandmother's wisely selected furnishings that fit the spaces but expanded as needed for special occasions and extra guests.  To this day I love casual entertaining where all are such thing as too many guests...there's always room for more!  I hope you enjoy the Designer Tricks for Small Spaces in this summer issue of Coastal Living magazine.  I think I've used every single trick at one time or another.  Happy July 4th Everyone!

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